Sometimes you just need to talk to a friend, a friend who started with a vision of creating beautiful wedding images, a friend who happens to have answers to questions you are seeking answers to.  I recall when I started my photography business; finding answers to questions was a real pain in the rear end.  Most photographers didn't want to share, they were so afraid you would steal all their business away!  Seriously I would say to myself!  Every year in America there are around 2.5 MILLION weddings...  I just wanted 20 or 30...  I wish I had someone I could ask for advise and guidance from.

     Are you looking to get your photography career started on the right foot?  Perhaps you have a few wedding seasons under your belt and you want to raise the bar in your business?  Or maybe, just maybe you wanna learn how to edit a FULL DAY OF WEDDING images in about two hours? 

     For a full hour you get me one-on-one, ask any question you like!  How to get published?  Where do I get my film developed at?  What gear I use? How to advertise your wedding photography business? How to buy the perfect pair of cowboy boots? Or anything else you have been searching for hours to understand.  We'll laugh, we might cry, but for darn sure we are going to have a great time.

     If you are in the Phoenix Metro area, lets schedule lunch and bring your notebook.  If you don't live in sunny Phoenix... we can Skype or use that thing with all the numbers on it...