Meet Brian and HIS Experience...




     Welcome to my website. I assume you’re getting married in the next year and are on a quest to find a photographer who is just as cool as you guys are, right?

     Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and do you want to trust those moments to someone who doesn't have the experience?  What makes me qualified to be your wedding photographer?  For the past twenty years, you might have seen me and my camera shooting at Chase Field, US Airways Center, Arena, University of Phoenix Stadium, PIR and Firebird Raceway.  Yep, I cut my teeth shooting sports, and much like your wedding day there aren't any "retakes, do-overs, or let's try that again."  You get one shot to GET IT RIGHT!

     Just because I shoot sports does that mean I have the stuff needed to capture the important moments of your special day?  Pick up the latest copy of Arizona Weddings Magazine, and you'll find several pages of my work.  My couples know that 80% of my weddings get PUBLISHED, magazine editors trust me to give them the images they need for their magazines... and you should trust them that they trust me.

     A few weeks after your wedding, you'll be holding in your hand's beautiful images from your wedding! Pour yourselves a glass of wine and look thru all the pages of your wedding book.   You and your new spouse will continue to make more memories as you laugh and cry; reliving your wedding day through the story we've created. There is just something magical in seeing your wedding images in your hands. That's something a computer monitor or an iPad just can't give you! Holding your photos in a book will bring back the excitement and love of your wedding night!

     Next, I design a custom leather wedding album for you. I hand pick the best images that tell the story of your wedding. Your wedding album is your first family heirloom. One day, you’ll catch your little girl sitting at your coffee table swooning over each page as she mentally begins planning the day she'll marry her own handsome groom!

     Many of our couples also experience the excitement of going to the local bookstore to buy a copy of a wedding magazine in which their wedding has been published. Imagine the pride and joy of sharing your published images with friends and family. That is part of the EXPERIENCE of choosing Minson Weddings as your Wedding Professionals.

     Photography is the one thing from your wedding that will last forever! Friends and family return home. Dinner and cake are gobbled up. Flowers wilt and the music fades away. Your wedding images will be there forever!   Make sure you have Minson Weddings as part of your wedding day!



      When not at your wedding, running around grabbing images; I love to be outdoors.  Taking my Jeep Wrangler up into the White Mountain's, seeing wildlife, getting the ole Jeep muddy and enjoying the sunshine.  Maybe head to my favorite fishing site, and spend a late afternoon catching some dinner.  If not out in my Jeep, you'll find me either working on my classic 1967 Porsche coupe or burning up some back country roads flying thru the racing H 5-speed transaxle.

      I know you're thinking this guy is ALL GUY, but that is where you would be wrong.  While I like getting dirty, and having fun; walking my little Frenchie on the beach while holding my darlin's hand is just as much fun.  Even more so, when I sneak a little kiss from her...  I am the guy who leaves little notes in her jacket; that simply say I LOVE YOU.  Oh, don't get all mushy on me now, just showing you I have a softer side to the bad boy you see in all my photos.







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