"Preserve milestone memories and stories..."

Almost twenty years I ago I started shooting auto racing with film. Yep, FILM. If you didn't get the right shot during the race, the magazines didn't buy your photos, and you didn't make a buck! I didn't have Photoshop to "fix" the photos. If I didn't get it right when I hit the button ... I was screwed... no paycheck!

With an eye and ability to get the shot on the track, you can trust me to be your wedding photographer! The skills for shooting sports carry over into weddings. That first kiss. . . GOT IT! That smirk on his face. . . GOT IT! The tear on your mom's cheek. . . GOT IT!

Have you been to Chase Field, University of Phoenix Stadium, US Airways Center, Jobbing.com Arena, or the ASU or NAU football stadiums lately? You might have seen me with my camera shooting the game. When I show up to your wedding, I bring that same intensity and dedication, and I will bring digital and a few old school film cameras as well. You get the best of both worlds.

In the end, after months of planning your wedding and that special day has come and gone, the flowers will be wilted, the food has been eaten, the cake smashed. Your guests have returned home, and what do you have to remember it all? Your wedding photographs. Don't risk having an amateur who doesn't use professional grade cameras, lenses, or film take a crack at documenting the most important day of your life. Your photographer should be your second most important wedding decision.

Call me today. Let’s chat about your wedding. Let’s discover if we are right for each other, which options work best for you and your budget, and how I can best serve you. Whether you live in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, even Costa Rica, whether you are having your wedding at the beach or a luxury hotel, you can trust me. Hundreds of brides before you have placed their memories in my hands. Year after year, they vote me one of the top wedding photographers in America.

Brian =)